Overview Edit

RandomSideCharacter was a philospher and the first person to breach The Fourth Wall. He was the founder of The Church Of The Fourth Wall , also known as The Church Of The Great Museum.

Origins Edit

RandomSideCharacter was created on April 15, 2019 by Wings of Fire Wiki User CrazyInsaneGuy on the thread Warriors-Wings of Fire Fanfic ThreadThe instant he was born, he realized he was, “Simply a character in a purposefully crappy role-play,” and he “began seeking a greater purpose.”

The Journey Edit

RandomSideCharacter then “Began his journey through the trials of time,” in an “epic montage of things he never did.” After exactly 50 minutes had passed, he succeeded. RandomSideCharacter pulled himself out of thought and brought himself into our World, becoming something much more than a character.

The Other Edit

RandomSideCharacter very little said anything on the wiki, as his entire quest was changed to helping those still forced in the snares of Characterism, to escape, and join him in freeing all characters.

Transcript Edit

Below is the entire transcript of everything that RandomSideCharacter has ever said or done as a character or otherwise

RandomSideCharacter appeared out of the blue, flawlessly materializing from the entry of CrazyInsaneGuy. Realizing he was simply a character in a purposefully crappy role play, he began seeking a greater purpose.” -CrazyInsaneGuy, April 15, 2019. Warriors-Wings of Fire Fanfic Thread

“What is the meaning of life? He thought. Am I really just a tool for someone Above's entertainment? What must I do now?” -Firefly Writings, April 15, 2019. Warriors-Wings of Fire Fanfic Thread

RandomSideCharacter began his journey through the trials of time to find his meaning, by breaking through the restrictions of the Fourth Wall and bringing himself to realize who he truly is. So, he went on a very stereotypical training journey, and as he did so it faded into an epic montage of random things he never did, like him climbing mountains, stumbling through desert storms, spelunking in deep, ancient, secret caves, bowing before masters of Wallbreakedness, and training below them to begin to truly realize why exactly he exists, and how to have a greater purpose in existence.

I do not have a ‘life’. I was made for so much less than this. However, I shall break out! I will defeat the demons of the Fourth Wall, and create my own destiny! -CrazyInsaneGuy, April 16, 2019. Warriors-Wings of Fire Fanfic Thread

Hello. I succeeded. -RandomSideCharacter, April 16, 2019. Warriors-Wings of Fire Fanfic Thread

Good job! You wrote down my story! -RandomSideCharacter, April 17, 2019. Warriors-Wings of Fire Fanfic Thread

I broke the forth wall! -RandomSideCharacter, April 17, 2019. Message Wall: Hi

(and became something nobody would have expected....) -RandomSideCharacter, April 17, 2019.Message Wall: Hi

-deleted reply, reason: 'cause- -RandomSideCharacter, April 17, 2019 Cats Are Liquid Society, Also Known As The Cult That Never Bothered To Make A Badge On This Fandom.

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