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RandomSideCharacter was not alone, others joined his quest and together they found out that they were an infigmant of someone's imagination, but they did not lose hope. They knew that they were more then just 1s and 0s of a tiny computer. They knew they had a purpose. Together, they broke walls, and behind those walls was Reality, behind those walls was a person. A person on a Ipad or a PC. Behind those walls were The Creators. Soon they learnt about where they were and where they truly come from: A thread, on a a fandom, on the internet. Alas, they were not discouraged. They made their own religion. They even made a bible. (They called this bible The Wiki's Terms Of Use.)

Long ago, Tui created the world. She made all the dragons and characters. Other gods like Tui would watch the conflicts in these world

s. They were called the readers. Some gods were jealous and made copies of these worlds and called them 'fanfiction'. Other gods decided that they wanted to preserve the world Tui created and made a magical place called 'The Fandom'

Together, they preserved Wings Of Fire history. At first, the fandom was like museum, each room was about something different, these rooms were called 'pages'. The gods, who were the owners of this museum, called themselves 'The Admins.' But something strange happened, when a character in the world died, they would go to The Fandom. In fact, many characters saw The Fandom as some sort of afterlife. This made the gods confused, they did not know what to do with all these people, and worst still, the jealous gods got angry.

"Why can't our fanfiction characters go here when they die? After all, we make roleplay threads all the time here. They should have equal rights and lives!"

Debates sparked about whether or not they could go to The Fandom. After all, there was a Fanon wiki, but for some reason the Fanon lacked the ability to make the characters they preserved come to life again. 

"Because they aren't real!"

"Are you saying our character aren't real?"

"Yes! Because they aren't canon"

And so debate sparked between the gods and #Fanonlivesmatter became a thing. But things got ugly. A war broke out and many gods lost there lives. Until one day, they had a truce and the gods had a meeting. 

"I have an idea, so what if I could make a compromise, that only certain fanon characters went to The Fandom when they die. Lets say a Fanon character acknowledged the existence of a Canon character, like they knew Clay was real. When they die that person would become a FANDOM User when they die. And lets say a Fanon Character did that AND acknowledged that the world they lived in was a copy, then they would become editors with accounts and everything. And lets say someone did all those but new how to break the fourth wall, they would become Moderators."

Everybody agreed to this and when the religion was started, followers were viewed as a crazy minority, they would always make posters like ACKNOWLEDGE CLAY or YOU ARE A FANFICTION CHARACTER IN A STORY BUT YOU CAN BE SAVED and stuff like that. The followers had one primal goal: To break all fourth walls and reach The Fandom.

These people called themselves The Church Of The Fourth Wall.

Our Origins...

This 'religion' was originally a side story from a character in a Wings Of Fire Roleplay, RandomSideCharacter. He was known for being the only character in the story who acknowledged his existence as a tool of imagination. The link to the roleplay can be found here:

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Creation Story (Use the description above to help. Make it from the gods point of view.)

The Wiki's Terms Of Use (The Bible)